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  1. Principles of Organometallics and Bioinorganic Chemistry, CY41014

  2. Inorganic Chemistry: Principle, Structure & Reactivity, CY41005

  3. Chemistry of p-block elements:  Inorganic Chemistry III, CY31007 

  4. Chemistry of d-block and f-block Metals: Inorganic Chemistry II, CY20106

  5. 1st year UG Chemistry, Inorganic, CY11001

  6. Metal Complexes in Catalysis and Materials, CY61050

  7. Metallopolymers for Smart applications, CY60023 (Elective)

  8. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lab, CY49011 

  9. 1st year UG Chemistry Lab, CY19001

  10. Inorganic Chemistry Lab-II: Quantitative Estimation, CY39004


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