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  • From IIT Kharagpur:

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32. "Ruthenium(II) complexes of 4′-(aryl)-2,2':6',2''-terpyridyl ligands as simple catalysts for transfer hydrogenation of ketones". Apurba Maity, Amit Sil and Sanjib K. Patra*. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2018, 4063-4073(IF=2.529)












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30. "Terpyridyl appended poly(metaphenylene-alt-fluorene) π-conjugated fluorescent polymers: Highly selective and sensitive turn off probes for the detection of Cu2+". Amit Sil, Sk Najmul Islam and Sanjib K. Patra*. Sens. & Actuators: B. Chem., 2018, 254, 618-628. (IF=7.100)









29. "A Highly Selective, Sensitive and Reusable BODIPY Based 'OFF/ON' Fluorescence Chemosensor for the Detection of Hg2+ Ions". Apurba Maity, Amit Sil, Subhra Nad and Sanjib K. Patra*. Sens. & Actuators: B. Chem., 2018, 255, 299-308. (IF=7.100)











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26. "Achieving Yellow Emission by Varying Donor/Acceptor Units in Rod-shaped Fluorenyl-alkynyl Based π-Conjugated Oligomers and Their Binuclear Gold(I) Alkynyl Complexes". Sk Najmul Islam, Amit Sil and Sanjib K. Patra*. Dalton Trans., 2017, 46, 5918-5929. (IF=4.174)













25. "Synthesis, Photophysical and Concentration Dependent Tunable Lasing Behavior of 2,6-Diacetynyl Functionalized BODIPY Dyes". Apurba Maity, Anirban Sarkar, Amit Sil, Shivakiran Bhaktha B. N.* and Sanjib K. Patra*. New. J. Chem., 2017, 41, 2296-2308. (IF=3.288)










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23. "Benzodithieno-imidazole based π-conjugated fluorescent polymer probe for selective sensing of Cu2+". Dipanjan Giri and Sanjib K Patra*. RSC Adv., 2015, 5, 79011-79021. (IF=3.119)








  • From Postdoctoral (UoB, UK) & Doctoral (IIT-K, INDIA) Work:

22. "Tetragonal and Helical Morphologies from Polyferrocenylsilane block Polyelectrolytes via Ionic Self-assembly". R. Ahmed, S. K. Patra, I. W. Hamley, I. Manners*, C. F. J. Faul*. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135, 2455-2458. 


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4.  "Axial Interaction of the [Ru2(CO)4]2+ Core with the Aryl C–H Bond: Route to Cyclometalated Compounds Involving Metal-Metal Bonded Diruthenium Unit". S. K. Patra and J. K. Bera*. Organometallics  2006, 25, 6054-6060. 


3. "Ligand Assisted Homolytic Cleavage of the Ru–Ru Single Bond in [Ru2(CO)4]2+ Core and the Chemical Consequence". S. K. Patra, M. Majumdar and J. K. Bera*. J. Organomet. Chem. 2006, 691, 4779-4787.

2. "Novel Heterobimetallic Metallamacrocycles Based on the 1,1'-Bis(1,8-naphthyrid-2-yl)ferrocene (FcNP2) Ligand: Structural Characterization of the Complexes [{M(FcNP2)}2]2+ (M = CuI, AgI) and {MCl2(FcNP2)}4 (M = ZnII, CoII)". N. Sadhukhan, S. K. Patra, K. Sana and J. K. Bera*. Organometallics 2006, 25, 2914-2916. 


1.  "Syntheses and Reactivity Studies of Solvated Dirhenium Acetonitrile Complexes". J. K. Bera*, E. J. Schelter, S. K. Patra, J. Bacsa and K. R. Dunbar*. Dalton. Trans. 2006, 4011-4019. 

  • Publications in proceeding of Seminars/Conferences (International):

2. "Synthesis and Self-Assembly of π-Conjugated Crystalline-Coil Polythiophene Block Copolymers". S. K. Patra,R. Ahmed,G. R. Whittell,D. J. Lunn,M. A. Winnik, and I. Manners. Polymer Preprints (Am. Chem. Soc., Div. of Polym. Chem.), 2011, 52, 1002-1003.


1. "Recent Developments on the Photocontrolled Ring-Opening Polymerization of Metallocenophanes". L. Chabanne, I. M. Ruiz, S. K. Patra, I. Manners. Polymer Preprints (Am. Chem. Soc., Div. of Polym. Chem.), 2010, 51, 278-279.

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