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Sanjib K. Patra

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur      

Phone                     +91 - 3222 - 283338 (O)

                               +91 - 3222 - 283339 (R)

                               +91- 9674704930 (Mob)




  • Ph.D from Department of Chemistry, IIT Kanpur, UP, INDIA, 2007. (Thesis Title: “Reactivity Studies at Axial Sites of the [Ru2(CO)4]2+ Core: C–H Bond Activation, Water Cleavage and C–C Bond Formation” under the supervision of Prof. Jitendra K. Bera, Department of Chemistry, IIT Kanpur.)

  • B. Sc. (Hons in Chemistry), Midnapore College, Vidyasagar University, West Midnapore, WB, INDIA, 1999


Professional Experience:

Professional Award/Recognition/Fellowship:

  • 2019: International Strategic Fund (Travel grant) by University of Bristol, UK.

  • 2009: Awarded “Marie Curie International Incoming Postdoctoral Research  Fellowship” by European Union

  • 2007: Awarded “Royal Society International Incoming Postdoctoral Research Fellowship” by RSC, UK

Membership of Professional Bodies:

  • Chemical Research Society of India, CRSI (Life membership - LM 1494)

  • The Society of Polymer Science, SPSI (Life membership - KHR 081)

  • American Chemical Society (Regular)

  • Member of Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC)

  • Fellow of Indian Chemical Society (FICS, Life membership - F/8222)

  • Materials Research Society of India (Life membership - LMB 3126)

  • The Indian Science Congress Association (Life membership - L39281)

Editorial/Editorial Advisory Board

  • Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal "Organometallics" of American Chemical Society (January 1, 2023- Present)

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