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The area of our research is interdisciplinary in nature comprising the fields of synthetic Inorganic, Organometallic, Polymer and Materials Chemistry. Currently, we are interested on the following topics: (a) Design and synthesis of wire like organometallic complexes for electronic communication and NIR absorbance (b) Design of multifunctional terpyridyl conjugates (c) Synthesis and application of functional metallopolymers for its emerging application in optoelectronic devices (d) Developing novel routes to access multifunctional side-chain metallopolymers (e) Synthesis and application of conductive π-conjugated p-type and n-type copolymers.


Group News

September 2020

  • Warm welcome to our new members (Mr. Premnath Das, Ms. Supriya Das, Mr. Dhiren Sing and Ms. Sanhita Pal) who have joined our group for their doctoral studies! Best wishes to them.

August 2020

  • We welcome Mr. Chandrasekhar Mandi and Ms. Pooja Kumari for their year-long Master project work.

March 2020

  • Welcome to Ms. Chhanda Mandal to our group as a new JRF in a SERB-funded project.

February 2020

  • Congrats Poulami for receiving the best poster award in Green & Sustainability in Polymers and Functional Materials: Opportunity & Challenges (GSPFM-2020), organized by Rubber Technology Centre, IIT Kharagpur on 7-8 February, 2020.

  • Prof. Ian Manners ( University of Victoria, Canada), one of the leading organometallic and polymer chemist in the world, visits to our lab and institute on 02 Feb-06 Feb, 2020 under SPARC program. Thanks to him for visiting our institute and for the wonderful discussion, exchange of ideas and exciting lectures.

January 2020

  • A very successful and fruitful two-day symposium entitled " Functional Smart & Supramolecular Materials (FSSM-2020)" on 29-30 January, 2020 under the aegis of SPARC (MHRD) program was organized. Several invited lectures by eminent scientists and experts from various laboratories and academic institutions were delivered. The special focus of this conference was the emerging multidirectional smart applications of functional inorganic/organic small molecules, oligomeric and polymeric materials.

  • Prof. Charl Faul (University of Bristol, UK) visits again to our lab and institute on 22 Jan-02 Feb, 2020 under SPARC program.Thanks to him for visiting again and for the very fruitful discussion, exchange of ideas, exciting lectures and to attend FSSM-2020.

  • We welcome Mr. Chinmoy Behera to our group as new Ph.D. scholar. Best wishes to him.

December 2019

  • Prof. Charl Faul visits our lab and institute on 02-06 Dec, 2019 under SPARC program. Thanks to him for visiting and the wonderful discussion, exchange of ideas and exciting lectures.

July 2019

  • Warm welcome to Trisita and Subhra as new JRFs in our lab.

  • Warm welcome to Dr. G. Anbarasu as new Research Associate in our lab.

  • Warm welcome to Poulami Panja and Suman Dolai as new Ph.D students in our group.

May 2019

  • We welcome Saloni, Saikat and Ritwik as new summer interns in our lab. 

  • Our ex-member, Dr. Amit Sil joins as Postdoc at Durham University, UK. Congrats and Best Wishes.

  • Dipanjan delivers his Ph.D. Defense seminar on 9th May. Congrats Dr. Dipanjan Giri.

April 2019

  • Apurba delivers his Ph.D. Defense seminar on 12th April. Congrats Dr. Apurba Maity.

February 2019

  • Sourav delivers his Ph.D. Defense seminar on 28th February. Congrats Dr. Sourav Saha Roy.

January 2019

  • Apurba submits his Doctoral Thesis. Congrats! (30th January)

  • Dipanjan submits his Doctoral Thesis. Congrats! (28th January)

  • Congrats Apurba and Utsav for acceptance of their work in Dalton Trans.